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Depression &Low mood

At some points in our life we all feel down – sometimes this can be described as ‘feeling blue’ or ‘down in the dumps’

Low moods generally pass after a short period of time and small changes in our lives can help such as getting a good night’s sleep, talking about the problem, or resolving a situation.

If a low mood persists for more than two weeks then it could be viewed as a sign of depression. Depression is normally a long term condition and can be brought on through various events in our life and our perception of those events. 

Some symptoms of depression can be:

  • Feeling lethargic – can’t be bothered to do anything

  • Not being able to concentrate on everyday things like reading the paper or watching television

  • Not socialising or wanting to be around people

  • Not enjoying anything anymore

  • Comfort eating or losing your appetite

  • Finding work difficult

  • A feeling of hopelessness

  • Sleeping more than usual or being unable to sleep

  • Neglecting hobbies and interests

  • Continuous tiredness or lacking in energy

  • Having suicidal thoughts or thoughts about harming yourself -

Here at Harley Street Consulting, we have the experience and the ability to help you feel better and happier.


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