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Thanks so much for sending the recording and your words as well were really very reassuring. 

I’ve noticed a massive improvement on my reactions today... lots of mess at work.., not once did I feel anger or anxiety. 

It was almost the opposite today, I kept a very level head at work and actually laughing/joking about things. I am almost waiting for others to see a difference but as it’s mostly men then they probably won’t! Once of my female colleagues did say I looked lighter, like I didn’t have the weight of the world  on my shoulders, which was very reassuring. 

I went for a drink with a couple of people at work on a whim, not been home long it was a good, lighthearted, jovial evening... it’s feels like when I speak now it’s not the nagging sound that would come out of my mouth before. It’s so refreshing for me. 


Thank you for everything


What pushed me to start working with Meera was the frequent panic attacks I started to get and the eventual looming fear of GSCE a couple of months away. 


I was in a difficult situation with my anxiety, every single Sunday night the thought of going to school would keep me awake with a racing heart, headaches and a really sinking horrible feeling in my stomach.

I wasn’t a fan of the whole idea of therapy, in all honesty I thought it was a load of rubbish and couldn’t stand the idea of talking to a stranger about my very personal issues and something that only my close family knew about.

Despite my original reservations, the process was really good and eventually very rewarding. Its fun yet serious but allows you to not only relax but really connect with your feelings and sort out whatever problem you had in the least stressful way possible. A favourite of mine was the number and hands game - a fun game that allowed me to forget my surroundings and have some fun.

Back in November when I started the process my chances of doing well in my GSCEs were slim, my revision style was appalling, and I was looking like a lost cause. 

I now sit here halfway through my GSCEs in a much better way, I am calm and collected going into every exam and feel a lot more confident with my exams due to changes in my revision due to the help from you. The anxiety attacks are very, very few and far between. I feel 10 times more comfortable talking about my anxiety and my issues and now also have a series of coping mechanisms which if I were to have any more issues, I can deal with myself. 

It’s been an amazing process and I can’t thank you enough for the wonders that you have worked in my life and I honestly can say you have changed my life in the best way possible. 


When I reached out to Meera I had just experienced a great personal shock in my life and I needed to talk to someone.
I spoke with Meera with no idea if it was her I needed to speak with or go to church.
I was open to listening to what she had to say about Hypnotherapy as a number of my friends had said it had helped them. I was not even sure what help I needed just that I needed something.
My first session with Meera was scary, stressful and at the same time cathartic. I left exhausted but feeling like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
Our subsequent sessions were not as intense but just as good.
The last time I saw Meera I wasn’t going to go as I didn’t think I needed to attend however I went and it was wonderful to hear Meera say she does not feel she needs to see me anymore. 
Meera has helped me to find confidence in myself, focus in my endeavours and most of all trust in others. I am still working on the trust part but I am more open to share my my true feelings with others. My friends who do not know I have been seeing Meera have noticed a positive change in me which is great to hear and makes me smile.
For anyone considering or thinking about hypnotherapy I recommend going with an open mind and see if it is for you. If it is not you have lost nothing.
For me Meera helped me answer questions I did not necessarily know I was asking of myself.

Hi Meera thank you for all you have done for me you have helped me so much . I originally came to you to stop smoking and during my induction with you it was noticed by yourself there was a underlying problem , you advised me this was to be addressed before we worked on the smoking issue ,I agreed and since our sessions to combat this I have overcome this problem .we moved to the original smoking issue and you have once again succeeded in addressing my smoking problem .you are a genuine sincere person I am amazed how much you have changed my life . Thank you so much.


I highly recommend anyone who needs help in moving forward with any problems they may have to book a appointment and see Meera.  It's like god sent Meera to me when I really needed to talk to someone about few problems.   With my first session that night I slept so well.  I started thinking positive and realised that there is a solution to every problem and the more you think about your problem the worse it get's because you end up creating so many stories in your mind.


I realised I do not need to please everyone, I gained a lot of confidence and started on my next venture and completed a course related to my new business idea.


It really helps to talk your fears and problems which you cannot always off load to your family or friends as they cannot and will not understand as well as someone you is more experienced and outsider who can guide you in the right direction without opinions. 


I had been diagnosed with a fatty liver and was the heaviest weight I had ever been after going through 2 very emotional years caring for elderly parents. I had lost and gained weight many times over the years but struggled to keep the weight off and stop emotional eating. Now my health was at risk. I knew I had to try something different to get different results. Then by chance I met Meera a specialist in behavioural change.


The sessions consisted of a chat first of all to understand the background of the behaviour and what I wanted to achieve from the sessions. Meera is a very good listener and was able to quickly understand my difficulties with food.

 The next part of the session was hypnotherapy. Meera explained carefully what would happen and put me at my ease. Sitting in a comfortable chair with peaceful music in the background, I was relaxed into a just dropping off to sleep state. I could hear everything around me, not fully awake but could wake up if I wanted to. Still in control, it was a pleasant feeling. Meera spoke to me while I was in this relaxed state. Guiding me through several scenarios that I used my imagination to see, like daydreaming. I could remember all that was said in the session and Meera recorded the session for my use only. I was given the homework to play the recording every day for a week. I used to be sceptical of hypnotherapy. Not believing someone talking to you could change deep held fears or phobias. The evidence has spoken for its self. After the first session I felt elated and noticed small changes in my behaviour that proved to me that it was working.

Further sessions in regression hypnotherapy, pin pointed the start of my emotional eating and understanding of the problem.


Then the big test.


 A personal emotional crisis happened, this is when I would previously would have turned to food for comfort. In fact I did overeat at first, reverting to familiar “old” behaviours but the food did not comfort or distract as before. Meera had asked for other ways of coping with emotions and I had given some suggestions. We explored these options further as coping techniques and to build resilience. This was my light bulb moment. Food was not the problem it was my difficulty in dealing with strong emotions. I have been very honest in this testimonial so that others can have an idea as to what it feels like to be hypnotised and what to expect from the sessions. It is not a magic wand, you have to engage with the process and see it through. 


Meera is more than just a hypnotist, she can help you understand and change your behaviour. She genuinely cares and wants to improve peoples lives using the different tools and techniques she has learnt. Meera is an exceptionally talented and caring, specialist in behavioural change. 


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