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Improve performance

Recent studies in neuro science have revealed that visualisation, harnessing good memories and practising success can lead to improved performance, help tackle nerves and overcome perceived obstacles.

We have had many clients who have benefited from our techniques and have gone on to achieve better results than they expected.



Sports Performance

Everyone knows that to be successful in sport you must be dedicated, train hard and be physically fit, but there is another element and that is successful mastery of your mind, ‘The winning mentality.’ Successful athletes have often mastered the working of their mind to reduce the psychological barriers which can prevent them from attaining that success. These could include doubt, worry, negative thoughts, and emotions.


There is an unprecedented move within all sporting arenas to deal with the psychological element and sporting personalities will often use psychological techniques to gain the advantage over their competition. Tiger Woods is known to have had hypnotherapy to help him overcome his inner state and create winning outcomes.


At Harley Street Consulting, our therapies can be utilised in a unique way to help you attain those goals you want to achieve. We can help calm nerves, remove the inner negative chatter and help you to get into ‘the zone’ so that you can be ready for the competition ahead. 

Public Speaking


Most people have an intense dislike of public speaking even to groups of people they know well. Many will shy away from being asked to speak in public and if they are asked to do so will experience a range of symptoms from nervousness, nausea, panic, dry mouth and increased heart palpitations.


A little anxiety is a good thing, it keeps us motivated and on track to do things, however, if you experience severe symptoms of anxiety such as those described above or you actively try and hide away so that you are not asked to speak publicly, then you may want to consider seeking help.


Our therapies help people deal with their fears and allow them to grow in confidence so that they can deal with the challenges of speaking in public – whether it is a business presentation or an informal speech such as a best man’s speech at a wedding.

Exam and Interview performance


Everyone experiences exam or interview nerves at some point in their lives, whether you are sitting a test or attending an interview, very uncomfortable feelings can arise and we can allow ourselves to become so enmeshed in these negative feelings and thoughts that they can prevent us from performing in the way we could do if we weren’t under exam conditions.

Here at Harley Street, we do understand how our nerves can affect our performance and we work with each client in line with their needs to make sure they get the assistance they require to help them overcome the obstacles the nerves present.

We have helped clients who have suffered from severe panic attacks, and after therapy they went on to succeed and undertake their finals, achieving their goals.

N.B- it is important to note that our therapies do not replace the learning that must accompany any exam situation – we work with you to make sure you can utilise that learning and access it easily when you have to without being nervous or fearful

Clifftop Yoga

Being relaxed, at peace with yourself, confident, emotionally neutral, loose, and free-floating – these are the keys to successful performance in almost everything. 

- Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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