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Foggy Pier


Grief is the way you react to loss. We all have different ways of behaving when we lose a loved one. Some of the more common symptoms are anxiety, helplessness, and anger. Over the course of time, these symptoms tend to ease, but there are times when no matter what we try and do the feelings of loss just don’t go away.

If you are feeling the absence of a loved one then try and find avenues where you can talk about it – this often helps the healing process, and allowing yourself the time to feel sad is a natural and healthy part of recovery. Try and stick to your routines as much as you can, as even doing simple little things can help take the strain away for a while. Keep your food intake up as not eating will affect your moods and try to sleep.

Keep away from drugs and alcohol as they may have a numbing effect for a while, but they will make you feel worse after the effect has worn off.


Here at Harley Street, we listen very carefully to what you tell us and we use a variety of different strategies to help people deal with grief and loss

Lone Walk
"No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear."
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